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Builders guarantees to provide you with the best price on cement provided that you provide Builders with a valid quotation in respect of an alternative suppliers’ products clearly reflecting a better price, which Builders must beat and subject to:

1.) The quotation or an advertisement from an alternative supplier, which Builders is required to beat should be presented within 48 (forty eight) hours of being received from or advertised by an alternative supplier trading within 30km (thirty kilometres) from Store at which the quotation or advertisement is presented to Builders and within the Republic of South Africa; 

2.) The quotation or advertisement must be in writing and in a form acceptable to Builders and Builders may request such other supporting documentation at the discretion of Builders; 

3.) The alternative supplier must be a recognised legal entity in terms of South African law trading within the Republic of South Africa; 

4.) Only quotations and advertisements received in good faith will be considered for this promotion;

5.) Products to be compared should be “like on like” with similar and/or the same specifications; 

6.) The best price may take into account any discounts and no further discount would then apply; 

7.) There is no validity date on this promotion, however, Builders reserves the right to withdrawn this promotion at any stage without further notice; and 

8.) Best price does not include any delivery costs.

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